Bad days……(edited)

Having a really bad day so far today. Contemplating the past few months of my life…no, make that the past few years.

I really have wronged some people in the past. A friend, who I loved so much and couldn’t do the right thing by her. She hates me so much now and I don’t blame her. I hope she is well and moving forward. I still love her to bits, but I’ve refrained from contacting her as I don’t want to cause her anymore pain or anguish.

She’s a strong woman who deserves the best.

Myself? I got the all clear for cancer which was a relief. It was playing on my mind and made things worse for a while.

My mental health issues have deteriorated a bit and have to take stronger medication now. I’ve been trying to keep my mind occupied by posting crap on social media to distract me.

I’ve recently relocated in the local area, but have now decided to move area, maybe even emigrate. Too many memories that get me upset.

Got four applications in for around the country, so fingers crossed.

Coffee intake has increased drastically 😂 food intake down. Exercise is up and I’ve lost nearly 2 stone, so that ok.

Tomorrow is a new day ISLYN X