And we are off….

Well, now that lockdown restrictions are being eased a wee bit, finally managing to get a wee night out.

Heading to a friends house for a fire and some liquor.

Not seen them since March and looking forward to it.

On other news, managed to get through a phone interview for a new job in Northern Scotland.

Down to the last 5 applicants, so have a face to face interview next month. Bit nervous if I get it and have to move away from the kids and the person I love. (Even though she hates me 😂)

But a new start needs a new beginning and this might be for the best.

Wait and see what happens…..


Soul searching…..

I’ve been off line for roughly a month now, re-evaluating and re-educating myself on lifes choices.

I know i have made some really bad choices over the past few years, and i regret them so much.

I see things more clearly now, and with that I can move forward with my new life. I have relocated in the same area and things are going good so far.

I now know the difference when somebody is in love with you and when they are in love with the attention you give them. Not you yourself.

Steph has been helping me massively to adjust to my new surroundings and have both enjoyed memorable walks and time together.

Mental health wise, im getting better, but not out the woods yet. Still having horrendous panic attacks now and again. But i will over come them.

Onwards and upwards is the only way….