Bad days……(edited)

Having a really bad day so far today. Contemplating the past few months of my life…no, make that the past few years.

I really have wronged some people in the past. A friend, who I loved so much and couldn’t do the right thing by her. She hates me so much now and I don’t blame her. I hope she is well and moving forward. I still love her to bits, but I’ve refrained from contacting her as I don’t want to cause her anymore pain or anguish.

She’s a strong woman who deserves the best.

Myself? I got the all clear for cancer which was a relief. It was playing on my mind and made things worse for a while.

My mental health issues have deteriorated a bit and have to take stronger medication now. I’ve been trying to keep my mind occupied by posting crap on social media to distract me.

I’ve recently relocated in the local area, but have now decided to move area, maybe even emigrate. Too many memories that get me upset.

Got four applications in for around the country, so fingers crossed.

Coffee intake has increased drastically 😂 food intake down. Exercise is up and I’ve lost nearly 2 stone, so that ok.

Tomorrow is a new day ISLYN X


Day 1 after the outbreak…

I’ve called this day 1 after the outbreak as our bumbling PM has relaxed the lockdown rules, and i can see nothing but carnage and a second wave of a high death toll.

Luckily here in Scotland, we have a well informed first minister taking the cautious approach.

Now into week 7 of lockdown, im sure the majority of the population are struggling with mental and physical deterioration.

Me myself have had the past few days from hell. Real bad, with actions I didn’t think I was capable of. I’ve had an emergency appointment with my doctor and he has set up a plan to help.

Number 1. Dont interact with negativity/negative people.

Number 2. Use the extra medication if and when needed.

Number 3. Have a safe person/number to call.

Number 4. Try to keep mind away from past events and people that bring anxiety. Occupy with tasks.

Not a bad start so far. I’ve switched off Facebook. Exercise regularly (rowing machine) and went for a jog with steph.

Starting the exercise 6 weeks ago has definitely changed my body shape. Flat stomach now, I can even see my winky when I look down 😂

The exercise keeps my mind occupied and helps not dwell on events that have caused me a melt down over the past 3 months.

So hopefully, things can only get better. Surely?

I’ve even started to go back out on the tools again for small emergency jobs. Its all extra pennies in my pocket.

Move forward, the past must stay in the past. I can do this, I know I’m stronger than I think I am.