In the pursuit of happiness…

I wise girl told me recently, that I need to find something that makes me happy. Not a person, but something.

I’ve been pondering my lifes choices this past week, and i can see where I’ve chosen poorly and behaved badly.

But that is in the past now, and i can make a change to my life. With the help of friends, family and the doctors, I can definitely say i have turned a corner this week.

No longer dwelling on the past few years. What’s done is done and locked away in lifes experiences.

I’ve taken up a pastime, that I stopped twenty years ago and I have to say I’ve found something that I enjoy and keeps my mind busy.

Filmography and Photography is a way of expressing your feelings, moods and thoughts. In the video below, the music represents the past turmoil, but the images represents a new future.

In the End.

With the help of Steph and Morgan, the evening out shooting video and photos was thoroughly therapeutic.

The haunting music is courtesy of Tommee Proffit (in the end)